Orchard Farm is situated in some of Devon’s most beautiful countryside extending to 68 acres of cider orchards
and pasture. Our orchards contain over 20 varieties of apple, including many traditional Devon varieties.
We rear quality free range geese and turkeys for the Christmas market. Our focus has been to produce relatively small numbers of birds using traditional farming methods. Maintaining high welfare standards and allowing freedom to forage and express natural behaviour, results in happy, healthy birds and a superior product. Cereals and straw are purchased from neighbouring farms and all slaughter and processing is carried out in our own facility.

We are confident from the feedback received in previous years that an Orchard Farm bird will produce a truly wonderful Christmas dinner.

More information on how our birds are produced is available by visiting the pages listed above.

If you would like to order from us you can do so online or by mail order. Please follow the instructions on the order pages.