The turkeys arrive in July and require plenty of attention for the first few weeks. Following a 3-4 week period housed in small groups within a heated shed the birds are moved to a large straw bedded barn with natural light and plenty of space. They are also allowed out into a paddock by day and enjoy scratching around under the apple trees. This provides them with conditions similar to their natural habitat, resulting in happy contented turkeys. In addition to wind fall apples, the birds are fed a locally grown mixed cereal food containing no GM ingredients or growth promoters. Whole wheat and oats produced on a neighbouring farm are also offered. This allows the turkeys to mature slowly and gives the meat a wonderfully rich flavour.

Orchard Farm Turkeys are dry plucked, finished by hand and hung in a chilled store for up to 10 days. This tenderizes the meat and allows the full flavour of the bird to develop. The turkeys are wrapped and boxed in insulated packaging to ensure the quality is maintained during transport to your door.

Orders will be despatched on Thursday 20th December to arrive on Friday 21st December.

Orchard Farm turkeys are available at the following weights (including giblets).

* Prices include delivery *


Note : 1kg = 2.2lbs

A leaflet with tips on storing,preparation,
stuffing recipe, roasting and carving is included with your bird.